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Teaching and syllabus

The CPDS courses are taught by Tribhuvan University faculty from various departments, visiting professors from abroad, and experts from various specialized fields such as humanitarian relief; diplomacy, negotiation and mediation; military science, and human rights. As part of the exchange program between partner institutions, the classes are held in Sri Lanka for NORHED scholars during the third and the fourth semester. Sri Lankan and Nepali professors travel across as visiting faculty.

The following is the list of courses for teaching:

First semester Credit hours
CPDS 551: Conflict Studies 3
CPDS 552: Governance: Concept and Issues 3
CPDS 553: National Security 3
CPDS 554: Models and Applications of Conflict Resolution 3
CPDS 555: Research Methods 4
Total credit hours 16


Second semester Credit hours
CPDS 561: Peace Studies 3
CPDS 562: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Conflict and Peace 3
CPDS 563: Gender, Conflict and Development 3
CPDS 564: International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 3
CPDS 565: Research Practicum, Fieldwork and Report Writing 4
Total credit hours 16


Third semester Credit hours
CPDS 571: Development Studies 3
CPDS 572: Natural Resource Conflict 3
CPDS 573: Psychology and Personal Transformation 3
CPDS 574: International Relations 3
Elective courses (Any one)  
CPDS 575-1: Power and Politics 3
CPDS 575-2: Transitional Justice and Reconciliation 3
CPDS 575-3: Violence and Human Security 3
Total credit hours 15


Fourth semester Credit hours
CPDS 581: Migration, Refugee and Conflict 3
CPDS 582: Political Economy of Conflict 3
Elective courses (Any one)  
CPDS 583-1: Peace-Tourism and Development 3
CPDS 583-2: Peace and Disarmament 3
CPDS 583-3: Public Policy and Global Governance 3
CPDS 583-4: Disaster Management 3
CPDS 590: Thesis 6
Total credit hours 15

Instead of above mentioned courses in fourth semester, students can opt to undertake the following course:

Fourth semester Credit hours
CPDS 590: Research Work and Thesis Writing 15
CPDS 590 consists the following:  
Term paper (1 no.) 1
Report (2 nos.) 4
Thesis 10
Total credit hours 15